Furry Fingernails in Australia: Potential Nail Problems?

In Australia, there’s a growing trend among women of decorating the fingernails with furry, more textured ornamentation. Whether the trend becomes a classic fashion statement or not remains to be seen. That said, it’s catching on rather quickly:

“FORGET Shellac, acrylic or ordinary polish — women are sporting furry nails in the latest beauty craze.

Salon Secret’tan Burleigh started applying “fuzzy nails” yesterday after months of trialling the new design at home.

Nail technician Rebecca Wallis, 23, said she tried to keep on top of the latest fads, from 3D nails to using actual snake skin.

“I always research online to find other ways to do nails,” she said.

“I’ve used lace and snake skin, I theme nails and have 3D things such as tiny (fake) insects and butterflies under a layer of acrylic.” (read more)

What are the healthy implications of these furry fingernails? If this fad becomes a long-term fashion truism, how will it affect the thousands of people who will adopt the trend? Unfortunately, adopting this trend for any extended period can result in extensive damage to the fingernails.

  • Putting any sort of textured or layered ornamentation on your fingernails creates a breeding ground for bacteria, dirt and food. Allowing this matter to attach to the fingernails for prolonged periods is simply unsanitary.
  • Thicker, “furry” fingernails can shield the fingernails from moisture, which is one of the absolute worst things you can do if you’re trying to promote proper nail health. The fingernails need moisture in order to property hydrate, grow and repair themselves. Depriving those fingernails of moisture and oxygen can lead to brittle, peeling nails.
  • Some people who opt for the furry fingernails will find themselves changing their fingernail designs and colors on a frequent basis, which exposes the nails to harmful chemicals. Increased exposure to these harmful chemicals – all for the sake of having a fresh, new look – can put one on the fast track to nail dystrophy.

If you’re thinking about adopting the furry fingernails trend – don’t get carried away. The future of your fingernails depends on you dealing with this emerging fad responsibly.